M12 Connecting Cables

Railcat M12 Connecting Cables

Fully shielded M12 Radox Railcat CAT5E IP67 Connecting Cables



For Ethernet networks in railway technology, the reliable and fault-free data transfer in the decisive criterion. This is guaranteed by the M12 RADOX RAILCAT connecting lines with 360° EMI/ shielding. This is reached by a complete full-metal housing with integrated sealing elements for the M12 connectors as well as a 360° EMI/RFI crimp flange system for the cable shield transfer which realizes a HF dense connector solution. The hexagonal crimp of the crimp flange system guarantees a torsion and vibration proof strain relief of the manufactures Railcat connecting line.


  • 360° EMI/RFI shielding
  • Reliable crimp connection for contact and cable shield
  • Safety in very rough environments due to hit- and shock resistant full-metal housing
  • Torsion- and vibration-proof strain relief due to hexagonal crimp
  • Rail line RADOX RAILCAT CAT5e XM S
  • Fire protection according to EN 45 545-2 und NFF 16-101
  • Protection class: IP 67 (only screw-latched)
  • 100 % tested M12 RADOX RAILCAT connecting lines