Lantech IES-0005B-41 Series

IES-0005B Series

5 x 10/100BaseTX(M12) IP41 rated EN50155 Unmanaged Ethernet Switch (IP41)



Lantech IES-0005B-41 is a 5 x 10/100 Base-TX with M12-connector EN50155 unmanaged Ethernet switch for IP41 rated protection, which meets the high reliability requirements demanded by industrial rolling stock applications.

The IES-0005B-41 is designed to meet with critical network environment with IP41 enclosure and M12 connectors for protection against dust and water. It has passed harsh environmental testing to comply with Industrial EMI and Safety standards as well as stability testing such as Free fall, Shock, and Vibration. For a greater flexibility in application the IES-0005B-41/67 supports an extended operating temperature range from -40°C to 75°C.

The IES-0005B-41-12V accepts 9.5~60VDC input while 72V model accepts 50.4~90V DC input. With EN45545-2 Fire & Smoke, EN50155 verification and E-mark certificate, the IES-0005B-41 is best for railway and vehicle applications.


  • 5 x 10/100Base TX EN50155 Unmanaged Ethernet Switch with M12 connectors and IP41 rated protection
  • Dual Power Design with wide DC9.5~60V input (12V model)
  • Dual Power Design with wide DC50.4~90V input (72V model)
  • Back-plane (Switching Fabric): 1.0 Gbps
  • 8K MAC address table
  • Wide Operating Temperature (-40°C ~75°C)
  • Din rail and wall mount design
  • E-mark certificate for vehicle
  • EN45545-2 Fire & Smoke, EN50155 and EN61373 shock/vibration verification

Ordering Information

All model packages include M12 caps and wall mount bracket. All standard models are non-coating, optional coating models are available with –C model name.

Part NumberArticle numberDescription
IES-0005B-41-12V8360-57225 x 10/100BaseTX(M12 D-code) IP41 rated Ethernet Switch w/M12 connectors; -40~75°C; Dual 9.5~60V DC input
IES-0005B-41-72V8360-57235 x 10/100BaseTX(M12 D-code) IP41 rated Ethernet Switch w/M12 connectors; -40~75°C; Dual 50.4~90V DC input

Part NumberDescription
ECONM12-5P(F)70CM CABLE5 Pin M12 Power Female 90° angle Connector+ 70 CM Cable
ECONM12-05A(F)-C-180M12 5Pin (Female) A-coded 180 Degree Crimp Type Connector
ECAB124030MJS4 Pin M12 RJ45 Male 3 Meters; STP Cable