SF63 Series

SF63 Series

ATOP SF63 Series – Serial-to-Fiber Media Converter



ATOP SF63 Series – Industrial Serial to Fiber Media Converter

The SF63 Industrial Serial to Fiber Media Converter Series provide industrial conversion between 100BaseFX(SC or ST connector), RS-232 and RS-422/485.  The connection options include multi-mode SC/ST connector (2km) and single-mode SC/ST connector (30km). The SF63 Serial to Fiber Media Converter is designed for harsh industrial environments and complies with FCC/CE standards.


  • Supports Multi-mode 2KM, Single-mode 30KM
  • PTP and Ring mode for serial fiber ring communication
  • Supports RS-485 120 ohm line terminator
  • Supports RS-485 Data signals pull high/low resister
  • Supports input voltage 9 ~ 48VDC
  • -40 ~ 70°C Wide range of operating temperature for hazardous environment applications

Ordering Information

Part NameArticle NumberDescription
SF63-TB-DB-1Fm-SC-2 1P1SF63FMSC001G Multi-mode SC 2 km
SF63-TB-DB-1Fs-SC-30 1P1SF63FSSC001G Single-mode SC 30 km
SF63-TB-DB-1Fm-ST-2 1P1SF63FMST001G Multi-mode ST 2 km
SF63-TB-DB-1Fs-ST-30 1P1SF63FSST001G Single-mode ST 30 km