MB5201 Series

MB5201 Series

Atop MB5201 Series – 1-Port Modbus TCP/RTU Gateway, industrial EMC protection, RS-232/422/485



Diverse Hardware Infrastructure
Modbus Gateway supports the four most commonly used communication standards, RS-232/485/422, and Ethernet. The ease-ofuse configuration utility provided with Modbus Gateway can quickly select the hardware interface , and easily switch to the existing communication infrastructure. Industrial EMC protection and wide temperature operation capability make MB5201 ready for every mission.

Switching between Modbus Protocols
Modbus Gateway supports the standard Modbus protocol and is capable of converting any Modbus protocols between Modbus TCP, Modbus RTU, and Modbus ASCII for all supported hardware interfaces.

Modbus ID Routing
Modbus Gateway supports various types of hardware communication interfaces, Modbus protocol conversion, and Modbus ID routing. Therefore the Modbus Gateway can integrate your existing and complex Modbus hardware configuration into a simple network that can be easily managed.


  • Modbus compact design
  • DIN-Rail or wall mounting ability
  • 15 KV ESD Protection for Serial Signals (MB5001C-Sis)
  • Ease-of-use in Modbus Protocol conversion include RTU,ASCII and TCP
  • Upgradeable Firmware from Remote-PC via Ethernet
  • Diverse Hardware Infrastructure
  • Simple Integration for Complex Configurations

Ordering Information

Part NameArticle NumberDescription
MB5201-DB 1P1MB520100001G 1-Port Modbus TCP/RTU Gateway, industrial EMC potection, RS-232/422/485, DB9(M)
MB5201-TB 1P1MB520100002G 1-Port Modbus TCP/RTU Gateway, industrial EMC potection, RS-232/422/485, Terminal Block