Netsys National Enhance Technology Corp. was started by a group of networking professionals who shared a vision of bringing the broadband networking right into your life. Facing with the rapid changes of the information technology and In an era of growing numbers of PC use in home,NETSYS Corp. was established in June 1999. NETSYS hold a strong commitment to research and development of network connectivity including LAN Extender, VDSL2 CO/CPE Routers, IP DSLAMs, Industrial LAN Extender, EOC, Media Converter, IP Surveillance, Fiber Transceiver…etc.

NETSYS Corp. has achieved popularity of our fine quality products aiming at giving full satisfaction to our worldwide customers NETSYS Corp. continues to develop innovative products for years. NETSYS’ long-term commitment focuses on providing the high-quality broadband solutions with cost efficiency to their customers. NETSYS create media and technology agnostic solutions for high-speed broadband connectivity to the end-user.
NETSYS’ goal is providing the hardware and software that will enable cost-effective value-added content delivery and service provisioning NETSYS Corp. has demonstrated to service providers,hotel operators and corporate network administrators how to provide the bandwidth and services at a reasonable cost. The key is an affordable, reliable end-to-end solution that is deployed over existing copper wire infrastructure, a tremendous advantage for installing future-proofed communications systems today.