NAUTILUS INFOTECH is a Taiwan based company with global reach to worldwide markets and collaborating with partners in more than 30 countries. NAUTILUS INFOTECH specializes in the design and development of state-of-the-art industrial Ethernet switch, industrial & M2M Wireless equipment, serial connectivity devices, fiber optic video products, media converters and accessories focusing on M2M & IoT connectivity.

NAUTILUS INFOTECH provide segmented solution offering aiming to serve each diversified vertical markets with reliable quality and high performance products. NAUTILUS INFOTECH’s core competence is the strong engineering capability of software, hardware, system design and validation as well as the domain knowledge of each vertical market which NAUTILUS INFOTECH can pass the certification against. And NAUTILUS INFOTECH products have been extensively deployed globally in mission-critical applications across different markets in Automation (Factory, Machine, Building…), Process Control, Security Surveillance, Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS), Power & Energy and etc.